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What Is My Grandma's Secret to Stay Young???

For Mother's Day (wow, such a long time ago!), we wondered what we should send to Grandma in Japan, and Mom suggested that she would give her a roasted eel and a carnation flower. Mom said eels have lots of collagen and are good for skin.

To thank us, she sent us her photo. I was shocked how young she looked, I thought she was around 49! (My Grandma is 69. I thought she was 20 years younger than she is now!)

My Japanese Grandma

Mom said that Grandma has never colored her hair in her life.

...She is turning 70 soon. I hope she will have a happy birthday!

Because we are living very far away from my Japanese side of the family, I miss my Grandma. I decided that I would draw her in a garden. My grandma always likes flowers. She has a dream-like garden with hundreds of flowers and we go out to pick them when I'm there.

A drawing of my Japanese Grandma

...Here she is, holding a bouquet of flowers in a secret garden. I hope that I can meet her someday and have tons of fun.

Thank you for reading my blog! Please come back soon!

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