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The Rainbow to Brighten Your Day

Hello everybody... Long time no see! I am so happy to start writing in my blog again. I could not write/post for a long time because, you see, I was moving into a new house in Maryland and all, and then everything was CRRRAZY...

...Also because I went on vacation back to Hawaii!

I was so sad to leave there and to come back to the mainland, but at least we could go there and spend time with my friends for two weeks.

I did this illustration after coming back from Hawaii... I was feeling sad, being homesick. I thought drawing a colorful rainbow would cheer me up:

The rainbow, the Sun, the rain, and the clouds.

A rainbow reminds me of the confetti sprinkles on the kid's pancake I ate at iHop right before I left Hawaii...

This is me on the street in front of iHop.

Finally, my first visit to iHop!!!

I was excited. I have never been to iHop once in my life (I have been nagging my Mom for a year to take me there), so this was my first time... and it was the best thing ever! We invited Mom's best friend, and we had a great time. Eating & talking & talking & talking.

Mom said she used to study at iHop and a place called Whataburger when she was in college because they are both open 24 hours. I want to do my homework at iHop too...

Thank you for reading my blog! Please come back soon...!

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