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Find Your Constellation in My Drawing!

I got very bad hives last night.

We went to the clinic to see what was going on, but the doctor told me to just take some Benadryl.

About to visit my doctor

So I took some, and it made me sleepy. Too sleepy to do my homeschooling.

Mom said that I should take it easy today. She said that I could draw pictures until lunch time.

Great idea!

... I'm never too sleepy for drawing.

↓ This is me, working on the first drawing. Mom said, "How can you draw on a such messy table???"

Work in progress... I am drawing constellation characters.

↓ Here's the finished drawing. The title is "Constellations: The Stories of the Stars."

Constellation Characters by Ema T.

I drew two more and Mom said, "Lunch is ready!" I stopped.

↓ Here are the second one and the third one.

"Babies and Moms, Bonding in the Ocean"

Swimming Lesson in the Lake

~ Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon! ~

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