Find Your Constellation in My Drawing!

I got very bad hives last night.

We went to the clinic to see what was going on, but the doctor told me to just take some Benadryl.

So I took some, and it made me sleepy. Too sleepy to do my homeschooling.

Mom said that I should take it easy today. She said that I could draw pictures until lunch time.

Great idea!

... I'm never too sleepy for drawing.

↓ This is me, working on the first drawing. Mom said, "How can you draw on a such messy table???"

↓ Here's the finished drawing. The title is "Constellations: The Stories of the Stars."

I drew two more and Mom said, "Lunch is ready!" I stopped.

↓ Here are the second one and the third one.

~ Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon! ~

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