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Keeping Gymnastics with Me While Moving

A few months before moving away from Hawaii, I met a wonderful gymnastic teacher. Before taking his class, I never liked any kind of sports. I loved moving my body, but I just did not like being told to move in a certain way by somebody else.

My Mom made me try ballet, hula, tennis, swimming, bicycling, even modeling for runways. I didn't like any of it. She tried so many times to put me in a soccer team or to make me take karate class, but I refused.

I am rebellious and don't get too impressed by teachers in general, not limited to sports teachers. However, that gymnastic teacher was really a cool, funny person, and that made me want to impress him. He was also a very creative problem solver when I had a problem learning certain things. So when started his class, I immediately achieved a handstand, which I had been trying for a year but never successful. That's the moment I think when I really started loving gymnastics.

Jumping for joy

I then sat less on chairs, worked out more without being told, and even my musical dance lessons became more fun too. Mom was overjoyed when she noticed the change.

Now it's been a little over three weeks since we moved to Maryland from Hawaii, being stuck in a hotel room, but I decided to keep practicing gymnastics because I don't want to forget the moves.

Mom says that once she buys a car, she will let me take classes at a place called Maryland Twisters to practice tumbling. I caaaaan't wait!

This video shows a part of the routines I do everyday:

My Mom is so proud of me to be able to move around in a such tiny space. She said she would be scared if she did such a thing.

She also said, "Don't worry about hitting the TV. Even if it gets broken, we'd just pay for it. But just make sure you don't spill my coffee on the table!"

...At first, I was really scared about the coffee. And the TV. But I found a perfect starting spot, and then I got used to cartwheeling in narrow places, like this room.

In this video, I am doing a one-hand bridge and one-leg bridge:

This move is very exhausting, but the challenge makes me feel a tiny bit proud afterwards.

... And in this video, I am practicing a bridge kickover on the couch:

Because the dinner table was so close to the couch, I had to adjust my hand position. It's fun to do gymnastics in a narrow space and to find a right spot. It's like playing hide-and-seek, it makes me pay more attention to spaces.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please come back soon!

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