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A Plastic-Bottle Flower Arrangement Brightens up a Hotel Room

Mom just bought some flowers for the hotel room. It really brightened up the atmosphere, and it made me feel so much happier.

Because we had no glass vase here, we used an old plastic water bottle instead. When Mom started cutting up the top of the plastic bottle to use as a vase, I thought, "That's super creative!"

They smelled nice, kind like lush grass in a meadow. I liked how the flowers were my favorite colors: magenta, pink, and purple.

A water-bottle flower arrangement

...Here is Mom cutting a flower.

Mom is cutting a flower stem.

Then, after cutting it, she arranged the flowers.

Mom is arranging flowers.

I thought it was very clever of her to do that. My Mom is a very creative and colorful artist, and I think I am too.

When Mom was finished, I looked at the water-bottle flower arrangement up close. I loved it!

Me looking at the arrangement.

I like how Mom has a really good sense of balancing things. Maybe I can try to arrange flowers myself next time to learn how to balance elements.

Thank you for reading my blog. Hope you'll come back soon!

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