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Having Fun in a Hotel Room: Learning Pencil Drawing

Last week, my Mom bought me a drawing set. She thought I would learn a lot about becoming an amazing artist with simple pencils & papers.

The set was so interesting, because there were many items I've never used or seen before. I asked Mom how they worked, and I learned crazy things about drawing tools, like using sand papers to sharpen pencil lead to get super fine lines.

Being amazed by all sorts of different drawing tools in a kit!

My Mom is a wonderful artist. She designed and screen printed the T-shirt I'm wearing in this picture too.

Here is a close-up of the pencils.

I didn't ever think that there are so many different hardnesses in pencil leads. 5H is super hard and 8B is super soft.

Here are the rest of the tools.

There is the cutter to shape the pencil lead in a way you like, a pencil extender to use a short pencil, blurring tools to smear lines, sticks of charcoal, sticks of graphite, the erasers and the sandpapers.

Also, I got this colored pencil set as well.

Crayola Different Colored Pencils, 100 Count

It has 100 different colors and I love how vibrant the colors are. The variety helps me a lot, because I'm very picky about colors. I can choose the exact colors I want from the box without blending different colors!

Here are all the colors that I can pick from:

Colors included in this set.

...And the pencils inside.

Actual colored pencils inside of the box.

Before starting sketching on the sketchbooks, I watched a series of drawing lectures from Oxford University on iTune.

This was a note I took when I was learning about "tones":

Different tones created by pencil lines.

Another note from the lesson:

Tones and the perspective.

This is a very important rule for me because I love drawing scenes of nature. I feel happy to learn something that will help me to become a better artist.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please come back soon!

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