Calvert Homeschooling Science: Sound Waves and Light Waves

For this week, I learned about sound waves and light waves from Calvert homeschool science lessons.

This is a page that is explaining about the sound waves, and concepts like pitch, amplitude, wave length, etc.

This is a page about light waves.

These are pictures to explain about convex and concave lenses. Thinking about a telescope made it easier for me to understand the concept.

I learned the similarity and difference between refraction and reflections. A bit confusing, but it's interesting.

We learned about how the eye functions. I never knew the object you saw appeared in your eye as an upside-down image! Very funny.

...I wonder why they call the iris the iris. Is it named after the flower Iris? Or someone named Iris? I want to know!

Thank you for reading my blog. Hope you come back soon!

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