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Drawing: The Migrating Birds

Today I am going to post a picture of flying birds I drew.

The flying birds

I drew this in thinking of what it would be like to be a bird.

A flock of birds migrating to a distant island, and two birds are left behind. They are trying to catch up, and I imagined their dialogue, as if they were in a story.

BIRD ON LEFT: "Come on, we're almost to the island! Hurry up."

BIRD ON RIGHT: "I see some mangoes on the tree down there! Oh, I love them. The North isn't so nice compared to here. "

BIRD ON LEFT : "You're so right. Wait! I see some fishermen's boats. That means we came here in the fishing season. Don't you like fish?"

BIRD ON RIGHT: "Yep! My favorite, I love them more than mangoes."

Hope you liked the picture and the little dialogue I wrote!

Thank you for reading my blog!

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