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Drawing and Poem: "The Old Piano"

I made a drawing of someone playing the piano. I got an inspiration for this drawing when I was thinking about me practicing a piano piece and finally getting it right. The song's tempo was so fast, and it drove me crazy. Mom helped me a lot and I credit her for helping me so much!

A Hand That Plays the Piano

I thought I could make a good poem that goes with this picture, so I made one:

~The Old Piano~

Oh yes, my piano,

Is ages old you see,

Yet every note it plays is crisp and clear.

And one fine day,

I couldn't help me saying,

That my piano was so very dear.

I played it for a day,

And all night long. And the moon smiled and outshone the stars,

And the trees awoke,

Oh, the birds awoke,

And so did the highway full of cars.

Then at the last note I played,

I dropped into a dream,

And the moon would quietly look in and peep,

For she never knew

That inside of me, through and through,

There are uncounted sadnesses yet to sweep.

I imagined that someone has to be apart from the old piano when the night is over, and that is the reason why she (or he) is playing music all day and night. This story came to my mind because soon our family is moving away from Hawaii to the mainland. Our family moves a lot, and it's always hard to say goodbye to my friends and things.

Thank you for reading my blog! Come back soon!

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