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Calvert Homeschooling: Only 25 Lessons Left for This School Year!

In the latest World History lesson for Calvert homeschooling, I learned about Parliament and King Charles, King Louis XIV, and the French Revolution.

This page is talking about the tense battle between Parliament and King Charles I.

Oliver Cromwell

I learned that King Charles treated people as if they were to do things just for him and do what he said. How mean! Then the people started to fight and the king tried to do so too. The people who were on his side dressed like him in fancy clothes. Supposedly they wore huge hats with big feathers, lacy shoes, and had long hair. The Parliament's side, however, did just the opposite. They had short hair, a tall hat, and simple clothes.

This page is about King Louis XIV.

Louis XIV

The French Revolution was one of the the scariest parts of history. I think it was a nightmare because nobody was sure if they would live even for a day. For example, the man who started the Reign of Terror, Robespierre, killed his own friends just to rule alone! Luckily the chaos ended thanks to Napoleon.

This is the Science textbook.

Types of Pulleys

This week, I leaned about simple machines. It was a bit hard to visualize concepts like forces and inertia, but it was interesting. I was surprised that many of everyday objects could be levers!

Simple machines (levers)

On this page, I learned about compound machines.

Compound machine

I was intrigued to see that scissors could be built of other tiny simple machines! I never thought of it that way.

Now I have only 25 more lessons left. Mom said that we could finish all that in about four weeks. So excited!

Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon!

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