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I Tried The Color a Flower Bag Craft Kit from Alex

Today I am going to write about a craft kit called Color a Flower Bag from Alex.

The Color a Flower Bag craft kit from Alex

When I got this, I was so excited thinking, "Cool! I can decorate a bag by myself!"

It was fun at first. However, when I finished coloring about a half of the entire thing, it started to become hard to carry on... I wanted to stop, but Mom said I could finish.

So I did!

It took me about two weeks to finish the whole thing. I lost some motivation towards the end, but after completing, I felt good and proud of my hard work.

This is me doing my work and adding some details to the bag:

Coloring my bag

I blended the colors to make it look prettier. That was one one of my techniques to give it some style.

I am putting purple polka dots on the bag in this picture.

Making dots on my bag.

These are the close-up photos of some details I added to in different parts of the bag. Can you see the other patterns I made and the colors I blended?

Close-up of the coloring (1)

Close-up of the coloring (2)

I drew blue arrows in the background. The flower in the top-left corner is my favorite flower!

Close-up of the coloring (3)

This is me wearing the bag. How do I look? I think the bag looks nice on me. I love the vibrant colors I used.

I am wearing the bag I colored!

~Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon!~

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