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Inspired by Hanauma Bay

Toady I am going to post my drawing of a jumping dolphin.

I drew this when I thought about Hanauma Bay. It is a very popular bay on the island of Oahu and a very good spot for snorkeling for beginners. We used to go there a lot after school on Fridays before I started homeschooling. Unlike other beaches I go to, this bay is special because you can swim with small, colorful fish.

Hanauma Bay

This drawing is about a dolphin delivering a mermaid's necklace made of seaweed, pearls, and a scallop shell to someone.

The original drawing of a dolphin and a lei of seaweed.

The incomplete face you can see on the bottom was supposed to be the mermaid, but in the second version, I erased it.

...Here is the second version of the drawing.

The colored version of the drawing.

With my Mom's help, I added some colors. The bright colors made the drawing look really nice. I like it!

Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon!

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