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Coding for Kids with the Kano Computer

For last Christmas, my parents bought me the Kano Computer Kit Complete.

Kano Computer Kit Complete

The kit was about $250. We got this from Target. Mom says that this kit used to be much more expensive, and the price is good for what it is.

This is me reading the instruction manual. I LOVE reading instruction manuals!

Reading the step-by-step instruction manual of Kano Computer Kit.

This is me snapping the parts in by myself. It was fun and easy!

Snapping the parts on together, like Lego.

The computer (hardware) is Raspberry Pi. It was exciting to plug in all sorts of cables and snap in different parts by myself. I turned it on and it worked! I even made it speak. It said: " Hello."

Today I coded a game called " Spray Painter" with Kano. With this game, you can color the screen like you are spray painting on the wall. Someone "liked" it and I was so happy! Mom said: "You're getting popular!" It's just one "Like" button, but it is a very big deal to me.

If you are curious about the Spray Painter game I coded, you can check it out here:

The Spray Painter game.

Thank you for reading my blog! Come back soon!














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