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The Cruise Trip on the Pride of America (Part 2)

The last island we visited on this cruise trip was Kauai. After the trip, we all agreed that Kauai was the best island of all.

On the first day on Kauai, we did a tubing tour in the morning.

Kauai Tubing Tour

The tour was by a company called Kauai Backcountry Adventure, and people there were so nice and friendly.

On this tour, we floated down along the ditch that once was used by a sugar cane plantation as an irrigation.

On the way to the starting point, the van stopped and showed us the world’s most rainy place.

The world's most rainy place.

See the cloud over the mountain? Supposedly the cloud is always there because the vapor form the ocean gets trapped there. I just learn about the same concept in my Calvert homeschooling science lesson...!

Looking over the world's rainiest place.

When we got in the water, it felt a bit cold at first, but it was okay. The ditch was mostly shaded by beautiful trees, so we didn’t have to worry about getting sunburn. Water and air felt so good throughout the tour.

After tubing, we had a lunch break at the picnic area by the ditch. There were many wild chicken and chicks. There also was a stray cat called Musubi, and we made friends. He was so cute!

After that, we took a Uber to go to Kipu Ranch. Dad wanted to do a 4x4 off-road touring there.

Kipu Ranch signage

Look at me! Don't I look cool in this helmet?

Wearing a hemet, a google, and a scarf.

Dad drove a 4x4 Kawasaki.

The tour guide took us to the place where they shot Indiana Jones (when Indiana used a rope to get to the airplane to escape).

The Indiana Jones rope swing.

That is my favorite movie, so I was SO excited.

The rope was still there, and I swung from it over the river just like the scene!

At first, I was so scared and I thought I would fall in the water, but at the last minute, when everyone was about to return to their cars, I decided to try it. My Mom and Dad were so proud of me being brave. That was my favorite part of the trail!

We saw a family of wild hogs and wild peacocks on the way back too. They looked so happy and free.

…And I and my Dad went to a helicopter ride tour next day to look over the island. We loved it! This is the souvenir I got from the tour.

The pilot bear.

Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon!


























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