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Making Kracie Miniature Food

Today I made some miniature foods using a kit from a Japanese company called Kracie.

The kit I used today had a theme of Festival Food.

A box of Kuracie's mixture food kit

My Mom started buying these for me because she thinks this is educational.

She said that Kracie is a company that make cosmetic products, and they used their knowledge and technology of chemistry to create these miniature food kits. Interesting…

I am mixing water and powder to make miniature bananas in the photo.

I am mixing water and powder to make miniature bananas.

Look at the finished ones… Don’t they look cute?

Finished mixture food.

I'm holding miniature chocolate-dipped bananas and candied apples.

I'm holding miniature chocolate-dipped bananas and candied apples.

...And this is the food from a different kit which I made on the other day.

I'm holding more mixture food: famine soda, teriyaki, dango, and mochi.

It is fun to make my own food, and unlike play-dough, I can eat it when it’s finished. The color is all natural and vegetable-derived.

It’s amazing to see how these small packets of powder transform into realistic-looking miniature food.

We used to buy them from Japanese grocery stores in town, which cost about $5.75 per box. We found out that Amazon sells a bundle for about $2.75 per box. So Mom allows me to buy them more often. Yay!

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