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Working on the HTML Christmas List

Recently, I am making a Christmas Wish List using HTML at Computational Thinkers.

I couldn’t attend the last lesson, and Ms. Sam, my teacher, sent me a sample code so that I can work on my own at home.

This is the code I typed:

HTML code for Ema's Christmas Wish List

... and this is what it would look like on the internet:

The look of the website.

Mom said that I became so much better at finding mistakes when I write code. In my opinion, Mom is slower than me(and she agrees)!!

She also said that she is so proud of me for becoming such a good typer. Only one year ago, I was typing using my index fingers, and I was very slow. I fell behind on lessons a lot.

We had a lot of fun typing up the code. One time, I spotted that a link to an element was missing. I mentioned it to my Mom, and she said there was no mistake in it. However, when she checked thoroughly later…..there was a mistake. I can spot so much better than my Mom, and it made me feel good!

~ Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon! ~


最近は、Computational Thinkers (カハラにあるコンピューター教室)で、HTMLを使ったクリスマスの「ほしい物リスト」を作っています。









~ 私のブログを読んでくれてありがとう。また来てね! ~


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