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My Miniature Korilakkuma Accessories

I made miniature accessories for my favorite Korilakkuma doll.

I have made miniature accessories with polymer clay before, but this time, I mainly used paper from a cereal box and Scotch tape.

I like covering my drawings or other art with tape, because it makes it look shiny as if it's laminated.

In this picture below, my Korilakkuma is holding a colored pencil and a pretty box. I made these pencils from toothpicks, which are colored with Japanese brush pens.

The bear is holding colored pencils.

I made the triangular box too, from a cereal box. Mom helped me to paint it with nail polish.

This is a map of Korilakkuma City (front):

The map of Korilakkuma City (front)

Korilakkuma City is an imaginary city I created. In my story, Korilakkuma and her friends (including me) are living in this city.

On this side, I drew:

1. My house

2. The Forest of Bears

3. The Giant Catfish Pond

4. The Mermaid Pond

5. A School

6. Downtown Korilakkuma City

7. A condominium

8. The Nature Park

This is the back of the map.

The map of Korilakkuma City (back)

On this side, I drew:

1. Volcanos

2. The Main Street

3. A brick factory

4. A community park

5. A Bakery

6. A ramen restaraunt

7. The Turtle's Cave

8. The graveyard

9. The Saltlake

I made this map so that Korilakkuma can take this with her when she explores her city!

For her adventure, I also made a notebook, a sling toy, and a bag.

A notebook, a sling, and a bag for Korilakkuma.

...And of course she has her own iPhone!

A miniature iPhone for Korilakkuma.

Then, I put all the miniatures in this shelf I made.

A miniature white shelf for Korilakkuma.

I want to make a whole doll house someday.

For now, I made some miniature pictures for her so that she can decorate her room when I build a house for her.

Miniature photos and a "get well soon" card.

~ Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon! ~













① 私の家

② くまの森

③ ナマズいけ

④ 人魚の池

⑤ 学校

⑥ コリラックマシティのダウンダウン

⑦ かまるマンション

⑧ マル公園



① 火の山

② カリオリマ通り

③ レンガこうじょう

④ なんじょり公園

⑤ パン屋ゼフィス

⑥ ラーメン屋

⑦ かめのどうくつ

⑧ まかいよ墓地

⑨ マリン池











~ 私のブログをおんでくれてありがとう。またきてね!~


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