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Korilakkuma Drawings

I did two drawings today. Here's the first one:

Korilakkuma & Kiiroi-Tori in an amusement park!

... And here's the second:

Korikakkuma & Rilakkuma are being lazy...

Mom helped me with coloring the first one. We did some Google image search to decide which color to use. The hardest part was to decide the colors of the bags and the balloons.

~ Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon! ~



(写真: 遊園地で遊ぶコリラックマとキイロイトリの絵)


(写真: 怠けるコリラックマとリラックマの絵)


~ 私のブログを読んでくれてありがとう。また来てね! ~


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