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Imaginative Pets: Tangerine and Koko

Today I was cleaning up my old toys. You know why? Because Christmas is around the corner!

I asked my Grandma and Grandpa to buy me a doll from Our Generation for this Christmas. It's a Canadian company, and their 18" inch dolls have prettier faces than popular American Girl dolls.

Our Generation doll I want. Her name is Reese!

Our Generation dolls close their eyes when you lay them down, just like American Girl dolls. That is a very important factor for me because I am planning to make stop motion pictures using the doll.

It's only November, but I am already working on making extra space for my new coming doll!

Our Generation website:

When I was sorting out toys to donate to Goodwill, I grabbed a plush cat toy and a plush dog toy and put them next to each other. I looked at them and thought about some imaginary pets for my new doll... And this is the drawing I did about them:

Imaginary Pets, Tangerine and KoKo

After that, I also drew a design on a small paper to use as a bookmark:

King Books: "One Book a Day" Beginners

This is the design on the back:

The bookmark design on the back.

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今年のクリスマスプレゼントには、Our Generation社のお人形が欲しいと、おじいちゃんとおばあちゃんにお願いしました。Our Generationはカナダの会社で、同じ18インチのお人形でも、メジャーな American Girls社のものよりお顔が可愛いのです。

Our Generation社のお人形は、American Girls社のお人形と同じように、横にすると目を閉じます。これは私にとってとても大事なファクターなんです。なぜなら、私はこのお人形を使ってコマ撮りの動画を作る計画を立てているからです。


Our Generationのサイト:







~ 私のブログを読んでくれてありがとう。また来てくださいね! ~



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