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The Sunny Beach in November Drawing Completed!

I showed you my drawing of a beach yesterday and said that I would add more detail. I just finished it!

A finished beach drawing.

My Mom loved the yellow highlight on the clouds. Dad said that he liked the clouds too!

When we go to the beach, I always notice that the clouds are right above the water, just like in my drawing.

In this art, however, the clouds have a double meaning.

They are peaceful Hawaiian clouds, but at the same time, they could be interpreted as icebergs: A tropical beach and icebergs that exist in the same place are the symbolism of the gradual global warming.

I got this idea from my Calvert science lesson. The scientists found fossils of fern plants in a tundra, and it is an evidence that this cold climate zone once was a hot, tropical climate zone. Isn't that interesting?

~ Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon! ~

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