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A Sunny Beach in November...

I live in Hawaii. My family goes to a beach to have a dinner picnic when we have time. A dinner picnic is nice because we don't have to worry about sunscreen, and the sunset is beautiful.

Today I was thinking about the dinner picnic we did a month ago while I was waiting for dinner to be prepared. So I did this drawing:

Peaceful beach scenery.

My Mom said, "I really like the shadows on things. How did you learn to draw like that?" I answered, "I just know."

This is not finished yet. I want to add more detail to the sand and the sky. I'll post it here when it's done!

Mom said that I spent about 30 minutes to do this drawing, but it felt like it was only 5 minutes! Dad said that when I like doing something, time passes much quicker. I said, "Oh! Relativity?" "Yep," Dad answered.

I used color pencils called Coupy. I got them from my relative in Japan as a gift, and I love them!

Crayons are too grainy and not good for working on details. Color pencils are great for details, but I cannot layer colors very well. Coupy is kind of a hybrid, a combination of good things from both sides.

~ Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon! ~

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