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Korilakkuma Dressed-up as Mrs. Coulter

Korilakkuma is a character from Sanrio (like Hello Kitty), and it's really popular in Japan.

Today I dressed up my Korilakkuma doll. I used my Agatha Paris necklace as a head band and a jeweled hair elastic as a belt. I used wash clothes for her dress and a cape.

I got an inspiration for this dress-up from a character in a movie called The Golden Compass. I just finished reading the book, so Dad let me watch the movie.

The character, Mrs. Coulter, is a villain in the story, but she is very beautiful!

This is how she looks like from the side:

Korilakkuma dress-up as Mrs. Coulter.

Korilakkuma is the best toy I have ever had. I bought her when I went to the Tokyo Skytree in Japan, and it was about 1,300 yen (about $13).

I'll show you my drawing of Korilakkuma as an idol:

Korilakkuma as an idol.

~ Thank you for reading my blog! Come back soon! ~

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