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King Arthur Comic Strip

Today I worked on a comic strip as an assignment from the Calvert Education.

One of the textbook from Calvert for 4th grade.

It was a creative writing activity, and Mom let me work on this for about 70 minutes!

That's one thing I love about homeschooling. I can work on an assignment without any break, for as long as I want, to do a great job if I want to (and if Mom says it's okay).

This week we are learning about legends like Robin Hood, King Arthur, Roland, and St. Denis. I liked St Denis the best because it is was not bloody and tragic like other legends...

This is me working on the comic strip (below). I had no idea how knights were dressed, so I borrowed a computer from Mom and did some image search. It was fun!

Researching for the Calvert creative writing assignment.

... And this is my finished work (below). Drawing a knight was so much harder than drawing the King and Queen!

King Arthur comic strip activity for the Calvert Reading Lesson.

~ Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon! ~

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