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Penguin Pile-up: How It's Played

Today I did not draw anything... Instead I played tennis and went shopping with my Mom.

I carried my favorite Rilakkuma doll like this in the photo. Like a baby sling.

Mom said that I could play a game before going to bed, so I chose to play Penguin Pile-up.

This is a really good game for kids! I even wrote a composition about it for my Calvert Education homeschooling assignment:

My Favorite Game and How It is Played

My favorite game to play at our Family Game Night is Penguin Pile-up. This game requires focus and observation, but it’s simple enough for players at any age.

The rules for this game are very simple. You need to put the small penguin figures on the plastic iceberg. Whoever makes all of the penguins fall loses the game. It may sound too easy to play, but it’s not.

The iceberg is wobbly and unstable, so this makes it harder to keep the penguins on top. When you place the penguins on the iceberg, you should ’t touch anything, or the iceberg will shake and the penguins will fall off.

Penguin Pile-up is very exciting, and there is lots of laughter when you play. You can have a good time, even when you lose.

A box of Penguin Pile-up.

We played four rounds, and Mom lost three times! I only lost once. That's why I love this game. It's hard to beat Mom and Dad when we play chess or Othello games...

Placing a penguin piece on the iceberg...

~Thank you for reading my blog. Come back soon! ~

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