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Find Your Constellation in My Drawing!

November 8, 2017

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Going out The Cruise Trip on the Pride of America (Part 3)

January 22, 2018

In the past two blog posts, I wrote about excursions we did. Today I am going to write about the inside of the Pride of America.


This is the lobby area...

When I came to the lobby for the first time, I was SO surprised because it was very lavish.


Up in the second deck of the lobby, we found Pink's Champagne bar, where we saw an art auction. We saw people buying $10,000 paintings right on the spot. Woah!



...And this is one of the restaurants called Liberty Restaurant.

 Liberty is decorated with bust sculptures  and paintings of founding fathers. Mom said, "This place is very educational for kids!" (I agree.)



This is a restaurant called Skyline Restaurant:

This one is located right below Liberty Restaurant, and they actually have the exactly same menu and food. The difference is that Liberty has a dress code and Skyline doesn't. One time Dad could not get in Liberty because he was wearing shorts, so we went downstairs and ate at Skyline instead. I thought it was crazy that they wouldn't let him in just because he wasn't wearing his trousers! 



This is Aloha cafe.

This is a buffet style restaurant. We went there all the time because they are open pretty much all day. It was fun to walk around in the cafe by myself and choose what to put on the plate from all the food they had. 


All the restaurants above is included in the cruise fee, so we didn't have to pay anything!



We went to one restaurant that was not included in the cruise fee, and it's called Jefferson's Bistro.

It's a French restaurant. I loved the interior, but the food was too adult-like for me... and I got really sleepy. Mom and Dad loved it, though.


I didn't like the salad they recommended. I told the waiter so, and he did not charge for it. That was very nice of them!



The ship also has a theater, and it's called Hollywood Theater.


At this theater, we saw a Hollywood style show, a Vegas style show, a movie (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), and two different magic shows.


My most favorite was the magic show. Mom also loved it so much that she bought me bunch of magic trick toys for the Christmas. 



I also played in the swimming pool on the ship. I made friends with girls there. Mom was sitting in the hot tub being relaxed...



... This is me watching the Big Island as we sail away from it.



Thank you for reading my blog! Come back soon!






































































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